Read the Title, do you agree?

For starters, he has music covering almost every genre imaginable, his technical ability is astonishing, he can play from slow soulful ballads all the way up to frightening shred like speed. Oh yeah, he can play the blues like hell.......

His tone is amazing, with a classic les paul to marshall set up that he typically uses. He has had a successful career with Thin Lizzy and an astonishing Solo career, making you wonder how such songs as 'Cold Day in Hell' Didnt make number 1, or even Pariseanne Walkways, both very different but very good, emotional and full of passion.

He can't be too bad considering he went on tour with BB King and plays with the sheer passion and manipulative skill that Hendrix would play with. Was hendrix underated? Sure as hell he wasnt. Was BB King? No! Gary Moore should be up there with page, Brian MAy, Hendrix etc. I personally dont think there is a 'best guitarist' ever but there can always be a favourite.

Anyone under 20 doesnt seem to have heard of him (im 15 but its not the point). I onlly found out about him when I asked my guitar teacher to teach me some good les paul stuff, he recommended gun's n roses, I said Franz Ferdinand (doh!), and he said na sod indie, stick some of this **** on. He lent me the Still got the Blues album and I've been in love ever since. I just cant get the sustain on that Parisseane note!!!

Gary Moore, is technically astounding and obivously understands music, particularly blues, in an interview, he said there is so much you can tug out of a melody if you use chords correctly (also said by Graham Coxon), and you can hear that in his solos, in such songs as Walking by Myself and Pariseanne walkways, each note is thought about, almost as Gilmour does, almost as hendrix does, but these were specialised guitarists. Moore is an all rounder who ranges from Fusion (walking by My self) to Bluesy ballads (Still got the blues, pariseanne walkways).

Yet all of these go unoticed, few people have heard of him, but many have heard his music and think it's someone else, PAriseanne walkways for example is thought of (in my town anyway) as being by Lynyrd Skynrd (nooooo). Only classic rock fans over 30 and guitarists have usually heard of him, but you see no praise for him whatso ever, not in music mags or VH1 or anything.

Do you agree?

Post your views here.......
I lost my faith in the summer time.
I've heard of him, good stuff. John Mayer is pretty underrated too and I would rate his material above Gary's. Just ignore John's pop spurts.
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yah, john mayer is underated, i hadnt heard of him till yesterday lol
I lost my faith in the summer time.
Moore is good. For that matter, Thin Lizzy was even way underated.
the lesser known of the 4
I looooove Gary More, and I'm 14.

Cold day in hell, still got the blues for you and murder in the skies are my favorites..

I love much of Gary's music, and im 16. And i know 3-4 others who also love his music. He's an amazing guitarist in my perspective, but technically, he's not among the best. Technical skill has never mattered to me when asessing how god a guitarist is, though.