Hey dudes! I'm gonna buy a new guitar! I've got the money, but i don't know wich guitar i want..! I play hair metal, like Poison, and heavy metal like maiden+ some progressive rock like Dream theatre.. Most hairy metal.. Any tips? good guitar, good quality. I have a marshall 100w amp..
how much money? i would naturally suggest a les paul
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I'm a big fan of the Randy Rhoads series from Jackson. Great for leads, rhythm, pretty much anything, not too mention, as the name suggests, one of the greatest guitar players designed it.

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A Schecter Hellraiser would be fine. Get it with a Floyd Rose, maybe.
for metal im gunna say a really high end ibanez or a jackson.
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ok if your going to play 80s metal then you def need a fr. so going by that i agree with either an rg or a esp. or if you could find one alot of 80s guys used hamers, and be sure its pink or some neon color. lol.