hey, i play electric guitar... but ever sense ive learned Dee and Classical Gas, ive been wanting to learn more classical type songs...
anyone know of any good ones?

bron yr aur, romance.those are the ones i know how to play that i like. oh moonlight sonata. thats a good one also

theres a lot of good one's from Sor
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
J.S Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is a good one or Vivaldi's L'estate from the Four Seasons
a really cool piece i learnt,
it isnt too difficult either, is a spanish piece


i think its by andreas segovia but im not sure.
its all finger picking and fairly straight forward.

another cool piece is cavatina. just started learning it.

hope i was helpful
I learned a rather simple version of Air on a G String by Bach, maybe look that up.
classical is all i practiclly play atm i playing american national anthem star spangled banner or classical try greensleeves