I loved it I like the tone if your guitar, suits well. And the solo was really well done. Timing was good, overall great cover.
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nachocheeez, that was awesome.
The playing is good, I still don't like your tone very much for SOAD. Can you link me to that backing track though? =)
yea i still need to improve the tone for them, might take a while tho, ive been trying to find info about what equipment he uses so i can make adjustments. the backing track is just a guitar pro file version 7 from this site with all the guitars muted.
its good, but u need to improve your tone, and get a better sound recorder. let the notes ring out on the riff that goes from the 1st to the 3rd string. ur missing a part of the guitar in the interlude. its still good over all! 7.5/10
Good job. Where'd u get the drums and stuff? I have been looking for a program or sumthin that you can make beats with.
Sounds good! I personally dont like listening to stuff on UG with backtrackings because it makes it difficult to hear what your playing and what Systems of the Down is playing. But I guess you playing the lead and that sounds great! Wish you would have recorded all the guitars yourself other than that good job!

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Doesn't sound like its in full drop d. The start sounds kind of rushedbut pretty good. I might give it ago somtime.