Allright, this was not intended to be a real song, but its slowly turning into one. It was inspired by Cacophony and I tried to play as close to I could to the style of Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. I called in "Savage Shredding" because I pretty much ripped off the riff from their song called "Savage." Anyways, I have alot of harmonized leads going on and neo-classical style shredding of course. Its only about 2 mins long right now, but I'll fill in the rest once I regian feeling in my hands, haha. It's the 2nd song down http://myspace.com/j0nnybarv0 Enjoy!

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Wow , very nice work man . very relaxing and pleasant to the ear.. This is definately for stressful people that want to relax, i can imagine people putting this song into their cd system or the car after a stressfull day at work, but around in the middle i heard preety cool riffs that got heavy .I liked the solo when the heavy part came in . you should put some beats in it , it would be incredibly awesome. good job man . And thank you for critting my song as well..
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well, you listened to the wrong song, but thanks anyways, haha. i posted the other one earlier.
It's ok! My face broke the fall.
Dude, amazing playing. My dad plays guit too and he thought it was awesome. You could definately make that into a killer song.

ok i finished it up, so its pretty much a full song now, minus bass and drums of course. I added in a clean solo section with some arpeggios, as marty and jason often did, and i added in one final solo section with the main riff. tell me what u think! heres the link again. http://myspace.com/j0nnybarv0

P.S. Its called "Savage Shredding 2.0" now. 2ND SONG DOWN!

It's ok! My face broke the fall.
thats pretty fuc*ing sweet. i think you sound like a mix between alexi laiho/marty friedman (i dont know who jason becker is?). the timing sounded really well too. maybe drums would sound good with it?
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