I have an emg 81 in bridge and emg 60 in neck. I'm thinking of switching them around and see how they sound. Emg made it easy to change pups because you'd just plug 'em in.

Any of y'all ever done switched your pups around? What they're like?
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you could try, but those might have been specifically designed for the positions they are in. i dont really know emgs well though, so you might not want to listen to me.
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well the 81 is generally the hotter pickup which is made for to be in the bridge rather than the neck. so you can have a shot
I finally got around to switching them and it was really interesting. The 60 in the bridge using overdrive gave me the 70s sound, a lot like ACDC. It sounded damn good and since I play the 70s songs they sounded more like it. Sounded good with cleans and I played the surf guitars.

Now the 80 in the neck using overdrive sound like the 80s and clean sounded real flutey. Not bad after all.

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never thought to try...i have an 81/85 and the 85 is definitley more punchy than the 81. im tempted now to see how they would sound flipped around.
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Your guitar will sound different as mine did. As much as I'm enjoying the new sound I missed the old way so it's going back sometimes later. Having the 81 in the bridge and 60 in neck does have merits. They are a very sweet set to have.
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I have another guitar but I don't know if I want to spend money on it. It's an SX mockingbird (same place I got my agile lp) and first time I got my hand on a neck with a 1 3/4" nut (they said 1 5/8") and jumbo jumbo frets. It needed fret levelings which I did with the stone. My action's a little high so more work is needed. Since it's a $120 guitar I'll just put the GFS hot nashville pup I have in it. That big neck gets me, I love it!

Anyway I can't buy another guitar because of my SSI I cannot own much assets.

So far I own an agile lp with the emgs, an sx mockingbird, kustom quad100dfx ss amp, and an epiphone tube combo amp.

Also a zoom 606 multi-effects pedal.
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