when the signal from your guitar to your ears becomes distorted due to high voltage in amplifiers or by a pedal of some kind. this is pretty damn basic though, im very suprised you dont already know this from normal living.....
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well im just a kid and some songs say play with alot of distortion and i have a crappy amp with only like 5 knobs on it so how do i know what the distortion is?...
Read the manual.

Shouldnt be to hard for a 13 year old.......
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The knob to change the level of distortion will be called Gain, the button to turn it on with be called Overdrive or Select or something like that.
dang dude im sorry but i knew wut a distortion wuz at age five and nobody in my family played any instruments so yur 13/14 u shud know no offense but da**

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There are two settings-clean, and overdrive.

Clean is just that-clean. It is just the regular sound. Think acoustic, but the electric guitar's interpretation of it.

Overdrive is where you'll get distortion. As you turn the Gain knob up with overdrive switched on, you will get more distortion. Distortion is that "crunch" or "growl" you hear with music. Blues music uses minimal distortion, rock music uses mid-range distortion, Punk uses mid-high distortion, and Hard Rock and metal use heavy distortion.

Hope that clears it up for you.

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