okay, so my friend (who is a girl, if that matters ) told me to check these guys (gals) out, saying that their one of the best folk/chill out bands shes heard, but she also said that their vocals are terribly annoying sometimes. so my question is, have you ever heard of them? any recomendations for paticular cds? are they worth getting or are they just annoying, period?
I've heard Terrible Angels (I think that's what it was called) and Noah's Ark, which was kinda cute.

They're ohkay from what I've heard.

P.S I'm a guy, in case the above caused any confusion..
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Coco Rosie! i think they have an awesome and interesting work but never looked too much into it.
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my old girl friend was crazy about them, "by you side" has a cool sound to it.
good sleeping music.
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k-hole and good friday are my favorite songs. they are really good. their first album, La Maison De Mon Reve, is mostly acoustic. Noah's Ark has all the toys and techno beats. Both are really cool.
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Theyre so cute. "I once fell in love with you, just because the sky turned from gray to blue." Awwwwwwww.
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They used toys for half their sounds.

how the hell do you do that?

I think I'll give these guys/girls a listen.
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so i figured i would bring this back from the dead to let everyone know that they have a new album coming soon...i am quite excited for it, especially after having heard the new track that was posted on pitchfork
i havent been impressed by them yet.

they show promise but they've yet to give me what i want.

but, i respect them for doing what they want.
i love them.
i've got both their albums, and i just love them.
they're so original, with all the weird noises going on, their voices, ...
just get both albums

EDIT: it seems that their new album leaked. and that i've got it listening right now
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I love the first album it's great, not really listened to the second. They're not that original, it's not like they did anything out there, it's pretty basic and people have been singing in weird voices forever.

Saying it's music for girls is bullshit though.
I have to bring this thread up simply because a friend sent me some CocoRosie stuff and I fell in love just because the sky turned from gray into blue.

There's no words to describe I'm loving these girls sounds
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
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I liked them. very nice.

but nothing like CocoRosie
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
I got Noah's Ark last week. It's really, really good. Devendra and Antony add a lot to the record.
Just started listening a while ago. I really like them =] I usually am not a fan of most higher-pitched female vocals but this is quirky
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i'm all for weird/quirky/innovative music, but these chicks are too much for me.