I have the chance tonight and only tonight to trade my Alvarez RD8 Acoustic with case and $180US to someone for a Schecter C-1 Classic with one chip on the back of it that is not visible while playing. Should I do this? I have to do it tonight.
the classic is said to bee good, i like the look of it but dont know how it sounds... sry
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Yeah that seems to be quite a good deal.... but I've got no experience with Schecter :/
well the schecter c-1 classic is worth $700 new. I don't now how much you acoustic is worth but if it's a beginner's then it probably is cheap and is worth it
i got a great deal on a schechter a-7. now obviously thats not the same, but it sounded good, and played well. so if your going electric, this is your oportunity.
CAN I GET A +1?!
Wow. Definitely go for it.

Lucky bastard... :P
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