i have a question about tuning on a floating bridge,
i have a squier standard strat right now, and tuning it is hard because when i tune one string the other strings go out of tune and i have to tune those up but each string tunes the other and i end up with the bridge pulling way up to far
how do i tune it?
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The first thing you should do if your bridge is sitting up really high is detune low again so that its back in the bridge cavity. Then, I assume you are tuning from low e to high e,,, just tune your low e sharp about the amount that it is going flat,,,,do this for each string going up and it should be that you'll tune each string decreasing sharp as you go, and by the time you are at the high e just tune it normal,,,,,If you do this it should be pretty close and little adjustments should not be difficult to make to each string if they are needed.
Strings will stretch a bit when new, but they should improve.

Squier's are renowned for not holdiing tune too, as are non-hardtail bridges.
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