Hi i really didnt know were to post this so i just am going to post it here.

I am a guitarist i have been playing for a few months now and i was hoping someone could tell me some solo's i could learn that are good for beginners.

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the first solo i leanred was Smells like teen spririt by nirvana that always geyts the ladies hot, then i learned the solo for hysteria by muse
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i dont consider teen spirit a solo, just an interlude in which the bass and drums play the chorus in the backround...
maybe learn "Siva"-Smashing Pumpkins
it uses pull off/ons, bends, and is pretty short and easy
should teach you a bit for a first solo although its kinda an intermediate one
the first solo i ever learned was Stairway to Heaven, about after 6 months of playing. it took me 6 months to learn a solo because at the time, my favorite bands were like lostprophets and such, and they dont really play solos...

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For a beginner? I don't think so...

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