what's a good noise reduction/ hush unit, something like $200 or below, im getting a good sound out of my mesa boogie single rectifier, but theres so much noise and its getting annoying.... i was looking at the rocktron hush super c [rocktron]
but im not sure if its good and will do the job to get the noise down
Best noise reducer in production by far
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I would look to the root of the problem...why you are getting so much noise from your rig. A good noise gate is essential, but some problems are fixable by moving pedals aroung in your chain, retubing, pickup wired wrong.
Well, im putting the gain and the treble up pretty high, and i have a crappy guitar, but i like the sound im getting out of it, also i have a solo nob on my amp and i like to put that up too.....
I had a Recto...and it didnt hardly have any extra noise at all. And the solo knob isnt going to make a difference unless you have the solo button hit on the footswitch. It just gives it a volume boost. But if youre wanting one...that Rocktron Super C is the way to go.
how does the super C compare to the ISP noise decimator rack unit (i know it costs quite a bit more)?