i live in a small town of a couple 1000. there is like, no one that plays instruments around here. i know 1 bassist (but he races dragsters so hes always busy), 1 guitarist (only knows powerchords and isnt very good at them, doesnt even know open chords or barre chords), 1 keyboardist (wont be in a band because she says she is "too busy"), and 1 drummer (girl and doesnt know ANY beats). so i was wondering, since no one plays instruments, and i doomed to never be in a good band and never have a chance to make it as a band member? what should i do?
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Wow i never thought i would find somone like me!!!! I had like the same situation for a while. I wasnt doomed though. It took a while to find people, but have patience, they will come. Or go outside your town, surrounding cities.
yea, alot of times you'll find out someone you least expect plays an instrument fairly well, so just keep an eye out for others
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Either convince and work your ass off teaching some people, or perfect your own skills, you dont need a band at your age (although they are fun). Then when you're 18+, move out of town and join a band.

Good luck!
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yes you are. Sorry. Move to california. Just playin. Start putting adds up, youll find some people.