this is the very first thing i ever made on power tab, lol, and its pretty good i think, i think there are some wrong notes, like two maybe, anyways hope you like comment please!!!

(one is the song, and one is the P-Tab)
Jaimies Ballad.zip
Jaimie's Ballad.zip
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I liked it ! The acoustic parts, I would let the notes ring out though, but other than that it put me in a good mood Also, it sounded like something that Avenged Sevenfold would play.
pretty cool, and as said above quite similar to a7x.
not bad at all
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Similar to Old Sevenfold ballads, but not by much. It was decent. You need soem work on putting together powertabs. Add in the barlines and ect. It was a little repetitive too.
It was pretty good considering its the first thing you've done on powertab. I remember when I first starting using it, don't worry you'll get used to it once you figure out all the things you can do. Anyways, back to the song I liked it pretty good, I didn't really like the bass in some places or the keyboard going along with the Clean guitar. I agree with most people staff 11 sounds somewhat like the Intro to Burn It Down. I have 2 other things to say, put it in bars and the ending was a little too abrupt I think, and maybe one or two notes may have been off, but sometimes powertab just makes them sound wrong. Anyways good piece. If you are interested in hearing powertabs that are very good listen to almost anything by Govermans, Idle Wing by hthedinga, and War Is Callin by me. While you at it check out my new song.

With Wings Ablaze
its pretty cool, I like the riff and the lead fits great, you should try to work on it a little more cuz it is a little repetetive but has a LOT of potential to be a great song. Theres a few things you could do with this so idk