going to a DragonForce concert and its my first rock concert...

So on July 21st I'm going to this DragonForce concert in Cleveland, and it is my first concert ever besides a Nick All That conert with pop singers and boy bands that I went to just for fun when I was like 10

And I'm just wondering...

*Are rock concerts so loud they can cause hearing loss?
*I'm not exactly a metal head looking person with hair down to my shoulders at least, so should i wear maybe like a black band shirt, baggy pants, so I don't get beat up? (I'm only 15 years old I couldn't take those drunk metal heads on)
Why would you get beat up for not having long hair? And yes, every metalhead in here has heard of DragonForce, and they are fairly mainstream.
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They're not THAT mainstream but you'll probably enjoy it. Have fun.
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has anyone here heard a DragonForce??

I doubt they are a mainstream band at all.

Dragonforce kiks ass biatch
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They've been played on HBB so I'm sure there rather popular..just to let you know..we have a thread dedicated to this band entitled The ONLY Dragonforce Thread...take this thread there...click edit..then delete at the top of the screen...
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You shouldnt get beat up unless you have a huge sign that says "DRAGONFORCE SUCKS!"
or something like that, i dont look like much of a metalhead either, but whatever. lucky... u get to go to that concert....
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Look, the only way you might get beat up is if you're wearing a bunch of mallbat gear.

I've never been to a Dragonforce concert, but I'm pretty damn sure it'll be loud.

(So bring your earplugs you wuss)
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i live in a place where the closest place where there are good concerts is a 2 1/2 hour drive
so i dont see many... plus im only 13 lol
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yes about the clothes not that people at a dragonforce concert will be as bad as some other metal bands but if you show up in like a hollister shirt you know that some drunk guy is going to make it his personal goal to give you a hard time.

Also, isnt dragonforce playing ozzfest?
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i would love iran compared to this place trust me, they dont lie to you

They put on one amazing show.

A bit cheesy maybe though
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Yeah, they will cause hearing loss. I've been to many concerts, and along with headphones, I have a permanent ringing in my ears.
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It is very loud. But not loud enough to cause hearing loss. When I went to one of their concerts my ears hurt but right when I left they were better. You wont need earplugs.

O ya and since I'm taking you there. Since you want to know what to wear, I'll give you my DragonForce shirt and I'll wear my Eternal Legacy shirt. It'll be great.
You won't get hearing loss from one concert. You may wish to bring earplugs anyway. And no, you won't get beat up, unless you do something stupid (like punch people in the back of the head in the mosh pit for no reason).

So have a good time, don't be a dumbass. You'll be fine.
concerts tend to be pretty loud, but not cuase hearing loss, it depends on the venue though mostly. you tend to have ringing ears though for up to a couple days after, at least i have after i saw metallica back in 2004. but beyond that. you dont even have to wear a black shirt, even though most of the crowd probably will have some black band shirt. like reed said, just dont do something stupid to get yourself beat up. just have fun and have a kick ass time. dragonforce concert would be amazing.
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U could probly take on 2 or 3 metal heads if they were drunk enough
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I saw Dragonforce at the Whisky and I can assure you will not get beat up. Dragonforce fans arnt the type of metal heads to discriminate. Everyone is there to have a good time. Ill be seeing D-Force next week at Ozzfest as well.
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i wish i could see dforce but ozzfest isnt worth it for two bands i like, sounds of the underground is where im going
if u hear one song under 200 bpm the entire time it would be the equivalent of a whale riding a rollercoaster at a sixflags on the moon
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I didn't get beat up by anyone at Gigantour...

Metalheads aren't arseholes...no more than other other music fans.

I suggest you bring earplugs. You aren't going to get any permanant loss from one show, but still.

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Oh, Dragonforce are mainstream. I know people that like Blink 182 that say "LOLLORMG DRAGN4C RULZ!!111!!FruU Da fIrE aNd FlameZZzZZZZz!!111!".

Thats the only song they know.

Poor, lost souls.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Seriously, don't worry. Just have a good time.

I doubt Dragonforce fans would beat you up. They're too full of cheese.
Yeah you really wouldn't have any trouble at a Dragonforce show, well any metal show for that matter.

And just wear what you want, half of the worlds real metallers don't look like metallers.