Can anybody tell me how Mighty Mite's quality is, in general? I figure that they might not be as good as say, Warmoth, but are their products (specifically their bodies) usable? I've been wanting to build an ash Strat for the longest time, but as usual, being a student usually equates to a lack of funds, so the price of a Mighty Mite ash body is a lot more attractive then a Warmoth. Thanks in advance for any help
Stew Mac has great prices on bodies (they have ash) and necks, I'd choose them over Mighty Mite personally. If you need pickups or hardware I'd suggest Guitar Fetish.
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What about their rip-off Floyd Roses? They are like $90!!!

their alright i got like on of them from like 88 thats before i was born and its still going good
their pickups are pretty goddamn great. theres mighty mites on the Cort C4 im getting and they sound amazing.
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Mighty mites arn't bad, I had one on my epiphone g-400. They sound pretty good for their price but they don't near compare to an EMG or a Seymour Duncan.
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