your bridge is out of wack...........uhhh, what kind of guitar do u have?
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maybe the 18th fret is too high, so when you fret the 17th it actually presses on the eighteenth.
id think sanding down the 18th fret a little bit would help just make sure u dont make it too pointy or it will cut the string or too short then it just wont sound as good iguess....
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i have that same exact problem on my sg only mines on the 19 fret
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Just take it to the guitar shop and get it "set up". You probably havent done it in a while, if at all. They will clean the guitar, change strings, set up the bridge, truss rod, action, etc.
I had that same problem but im not sure it was in the 17th and 18th i just raised the action on the string a little and it was all better.
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i have that same exact problem on my sg only mines on the 19 fret

me too, but mines on my Jag... but my jag is damn old, it might be time for a setup or somethin, idk
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