I've been playing for a little over a year and I can play some mildly difficult stuff (John Mayer - Neon, Dave Matthews Band - So Much to Say and #34, Avenged Sevenfold - Bat County) but I can't play basic songs like Oasis - Wonderwall correctly because of my terrible strumming. I've been trying to find help in a lot of places and have learned upstrokes are on the offbeat, to keep my hand in a constatn up/down motion, practice with a metronome, and to just listen to the song but I still suck. My guitar teacher hasn't even been able to help me a whole lot. Anymore tips for me?
I dont know if this will be of any help....But maybe!

Strumming 101
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practice, make sure you are practicing up and down strokes. I made the mistake of learning mainly downstrokes for everything, now im working on alternate picking and down up stroking, I wish I would have done it from the beginnig. Yea its hard to hit the right strings, but in the end itll pay off, even if it sounds like **** now
I said this on a similar thread, but listen to the song. Really listen to it and how it goes. Now go to your guitar and form the Em chord for wonderwall. Start strumming it until you get it to sound like in the song (three downs or dud) and then go to the next one. Just keep going slow and make sure to remember that the most important thing is not the down or upstroke, but to simply listen! Good luck
i find that strumming for me is near 100% improv.

just go with it, listen to the song and shape what you do around it so it sounds like it but all in all, feel free to manipulate it and do what you want.

i dunno, i dont think its easily explained at all.


try talking to yourself.

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Keep your wrist very loose while strumming. It also helps to use a light, thin pick.
I would just say to keep practice different rhythms.. like said above use a lighter pick.
Practice. Practice. Practice.
I had the same problem and my buddy taught me what was then my least favorite kind of music. old country.
a lot of Johnny Cash has simple strum patterns and make good practice songs