if its in parenthesis it is either harmonics or ghost notes, wich are notes the tabber put in because he thinks it would sound cool in the song but they arent actually in the original version
....../ `---____________|] ~~~bang!
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
^Those are all possibilities, but I've also seen them as sustained notes. Does the (9), for instance, appear after just a regular old -9-? Because I've seen it before where the tabber means you sustain that note.
But the harmonics or ghost notes could definitely be it, too.
Harmonics, but i don't know why they would be on the 11th fret..
Pinch harmonics maybe?
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but from my experience they are mostly ghost notes...
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Yeah that's what I was going to tell you... ghost notes.
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