Is john really practically part of the mars volta now and is omar really hanging up is guitar and mainly writing song cuz i think that john playin might be a very bad move but theres so many rumors and one know whats really goin on
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From what I understand they are just really good friends and they have made guest appearances on one anothers albums. I can't see the Chili Peppers being over for a while yet...
i didnt mean they were going to end i meant that everybody said john was playing guitar on their album i didnt mention anything about the chilis breakin up
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John's gonna play, but probably on only one song just like omar did on Especially in Michigan(which is the song he played on i think), but John is not the new guitarist of the Mars Volta or anything.
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Does anyone have a list of stuff Omar played on Stadium/John played on the Mars Volta disc?
^no way...i can hear oman through most of that song. very distinctive.
John plays on Cicatriz ESP on Deloused and on L'via L'viaquez on Frances the mute. On frances his solos are obvious beyond belief, not so much on L'via. He plays rythm guitar as a member of the band on every song on amputechture.
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