i got an elitist lest paul with a "gibson" made pickup anywho i wana replace it but i was wondering if i would hear much difference because im using a Vox ADVT series amp, from what i kno pickup changes are more noticable on tube amps. Have u guys heard noticable difference between pickups on a solid state?

P.S Brendie
Making it on my own
Yes. I switched the stock on my epi lp custom to emg 81/85, and I definately noticed a different. Much more articulate and clear, yet it didn't sound as organic, because, well they're actives. But yes, pickups will make quite a difference in your tone. And by the way, I am relating this to my crate gfx-212t solid state, and it does make a difference, but more or less for tubes I couldnt' tell ya, my marshall sounded better, but in a different way.