so i just got a strap for my guitar, but the strap peg on the horn is really loose. the screw is completely tightened, but its like creeking about. anyone know how to fix this?
lube it up
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not sure
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lube it up

dont listen to him hes a noob obviously, were not talking about a door creaking.

I would say if you are worried about your strap button falling out take it out then epoxy it in and youll be safe.
Do you have straplock on them or just the original strap buttons ? I think you should just screw the straplock or strap buttons tight into your guitar and you'll be fine.
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Well if it's loose in it's socket, then you'll have to take the peg out and fill the hole with a ****load of toothpicks and wood glue. Then you screw the pegs back in and allow the glue to set. The toothpicks replace the wood that was stripped by the peg basically.