I wrote this a while ago but only recorded it now. A few things.

1. This is very much a demo. It's not meant to be perfect or final.

2. I'm left handed, but because I don't have an acoustic guitar I recorded this on my brother's right handed acoustic. Most or all of the mistakes I made are because I'm playing it upside down, which I'm not real good at, heh.

3. I'd like to have some piano, but couldn't move the computer upstairs to where the
piano is.

4. The lil' solo part is pretty cheesy...it was all improvisation, and mainly to help me remember that a real solo goes there. I'll most likely change that when/if I rerecord it.

5. I might have gone overkill with the three part harmony on the chorus.

6. Some of the harmonies at the end are off, methinks. They're very dissonant and not all of them were meant to be.
7. Some of the song is a bit out of time.

8. It wasn't supposed to be this long.

9. I'm not sure what I think about this song. Most of my songs I'm either like "I like this" or "I don't like this", but I'm undecided about this one. I'm not sure if I like the whole minor 3rd thing in there all the time, although that does spice it up a bit.

I don't like the title. Any clever or sweet suggestions for that would be welcome.

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I'll comment on your song if you'd like, if you provide a link for me.

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i like the song but i don't think you need the three part harmony one voice is anuff.
Yeah I agree on the three harmony - a bit too much to be honest, perhaps two will be enough. Well you said this was a rough out and I can see it being a great song if you touch it up. I like the guitar work, great writing. Can't wait for the final - add the piano, it'll sound awesome!

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I like the three part harmonies, just make less loud and maybe less forceful, you could make it really soft and croony. That might sound good. Some of the harmonies are off and the guitar is a little too bassy. I really like the chorus. title: Heroic Angel Sleeping?

a song of mine

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