Hi. I'm close to buying a new amp, but I need to know a few facts [not opinions]. I'm looking at a Vox AD50 or Behringer LX112. Both are very appealing to me, and their respective links are:



Both amps I've found to be around the same price $380, $450. So either is in my price range, but $450 is the max I'll spend on it [Canadian $$].

Now, most of the amps I've looked at are solid state. I'm not about to play a gig anytime soon, I'm really just building up my skills right now so I won't suck horribly when I do. So I want an amp that'll be good a for a while. Is a tube amp worth it for my situation? My dad was saying that when tubes blow you have to replace them and its difficult to determine which is blown and that they might be expensive. Is it hard to determine which needs replacement? How long can a tube last? How much to replace them? And how many tubes are in the Vox amp?

With the Behringer, I'm confused by the "plus a 120-Watt amp (2 x 60 Watts stereo with an external speaker)" line. Is this always going to be a 120 W amp? And how does that compare to a 50 W tube amp it terms of loudness.

And can anyone tell me about the effects and amp modeling on both of them? Which are better?

Finally, I'm also looking into a new strap. The one I have keeps coming off the guitar in the middle of playing [just standing up(!)]. So...best form of locking for a strap?

Sorry for long post, looking forward to replies, thank you!
If you have the option to get a 50w tube amp over ANY solid state, GO FOR IT!

As for a strap, I just use a cheap $6 black nylon strap. Hasn't let me down yet.
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For the strap, look into the DiMarzio Cliplok strap, which basically screws into your guitar where the strap button is and has a plastic clip to take it off eaisly.
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Schaller straplocks are high quality too. My guitar hasn't land on ground yet with schaller straplocks. If you ever going to get a pair of schaller straplocks, make sure to check the tightness of washer every so often since they do get a bit loose from time to time. Not a big deal though.
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Ok, I think that's all I need to know for straps, but I'm more excited about my amp, can anyone answer my questions about them please?
I have the VOX and its reaaallly good. Also, its not a solid state and its not a hybrid. It is a true tube amp, but with much smaller tubes for the power amp (about 1/3 the size), so the tone is more like that of a tube than a solid state. Its also definately loud enough for gigs (although you may want to mic) assuming your looking at the AD50VT.

For tube amps, you gotta replace the tubes every 1-2 years depending on the usage, and its roughly around 50 bucks a pop.

The effects of the VOX arnt fantastic, and as I am a bit of a tone freak, Ive upgraded to pedals. They are, however, decent for home practice and even gigging if your not as fanatical as me. All the effects are comparable to that of a cheap pedal and do their job well. I particularly like the rotary and the delay.
If you go with the AD50, youll definately be content with your purchase.

Annnd one final note, buy the optional footswitch if you can, although try to get them to throw it in for free as its $30.
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^You're a moron. Do you live under powerlines by any chance?

The Vox IS a "hybrid." Which basically comes out to it being a solid state with one pointless tube. The Vox Valvetronix amps have a single tube in the power amp, which is just idiotic. The fact that they sound good is purely a coincidence.

If you're going to recommend something, at least know what the hell you're talking about.
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Nope, Xenn is right.

I have a AD50, and it definitely just has one preamp tube in the poweramp section.

It only sounds good cause the modelling is done impeccably well, and the preamp just makes it react a little more naturally.

It IS definitely a hybrid amp, just a very very good sounding hybrid amp.

To the original poster, go for the Vox over the Behringer. The Vox sounds better and is better built than the Behringer.
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yep go for the vox hybrids kill solid states unless its some **** hybrid and one good solid state. and i say go for schaller straplocks as they do stay on