i've been playing guitar for a couple months now, and i absolutely suck. i have pretty small hands, so I can barely strum; so i have to learn how to play crappy songs that only have picking in it. that is where i got an idea, should i switch to bass? i've been thinking about this for a few days now, and i really don't know what to do. my sisters boyfriend plays guitar and bass and he doen't think it's such a good idea. that brings up another problem seeing as how i have small hands i would not be able to fret right and it will sound lame. so can someone give me some advice on what i should pick?
well, what kind of music do you like playing?
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Bass fretboard is bigger, Try getting a smaller scale fretboard.
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yeah when i started bass i had small hands so it was real hard for me to frets but now its 2 years later and my hands aera lot better i can play bass with ease and guitar easy too
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I don't think having small hands will necessarily hold you back. I have pretty small hands too. If you practice enough and get used to fingering chords and stuff like that (I had an awful time with chords at first), having small hands won't be a problem. Trust me, I was going through similar problems when I was starting out. Once you practice and get a good feel for it, you'll have it down 100%.
But yeah, getting a smaller scale fretboard wouldn't be such a bad idea either.
Having smaller hands is definitly not going to help if you decide to switch to bass,,,often I've found that people with maybe not smaller hands,,,but smaller fingers are better at guitar then at bass because of the said smaller frets,,,and if you you are used to guitar strings already switching to bass strings is not going to make it any easier either
Haha, he says he plays Emo and noone replies :P

Don't worry about your hand size- it doesn't make much of a difference. I dont understand how you can't strum because your hand size- all you do is fret a chord and play.

I would suggest whichever one you want to play more. Bass is real fun, but I don't know if you'd like the emo/punk style of bass, as all they usually do is layer the guitar part. Maybe 4 notes the whole song.
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I dont understand how you can't strum because your hand size- all you do is fret a chord and play.

And therein lies the problem: fretting a chord. Like I said, when I was starting out, I had a really tough time with chords, too. All you have to do is practice enough until you feel comfortable forming chord shapes, and then it's a piece of cake.
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can anyone post me some easy guitar tabs.

You're into punk. No offense, but pretty much anything you decide to play will be easy. Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones, perhaps? The most mandatory easy song you could learn. You probably already know it, though. Lots of Ramones stuff is easy, plus it sounds good. Sex Pistols might not be too hard for you, either.
maybe you should look into a guitar with a thinner neck??? Jacksons and Ibanezs have always seemed easier for me to play on.
You just need to practice more, if you can't even hold down a chord then it's probably just a problem of you being noobish. . .

Don't buy a new guitar after only playing for a few months like that jackass above said. . .
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