Its a work in progress so any ideas will help...crit for crit

Last minute

I can take a bullet
Lose a little blood
Take the pain that follows
And the tears that will flow

I can take the distance
That we are apart
The phone calls
That only lead to goodbyes

But I cant take this last minute with you

Tell me this isn?t happening
That this is only a dream
I don?t want this to happen
Because we are best as a team

Making wishes and promises
Who knew would lead to dead ends
Seeing the decision choose for us
As now we are nothing more than friends

Could this be?..

Our last minute
Last chance to say what?s on our minds
No more editing
No more fast forwarding or rewinds
We cant pause time
So please don?t leave
No more life in slow motion
this is actually nice work,
like the nice flow without the rhyme!!!
pretty good
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It was ok.
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Damn you kbass, you're good.

Dude yeah i liked it think it would work well with a good chugin guitar or an acoustic, but yeah a few little teaks and i think u'll ave a song u can be very proud of!
Crit 4 Crit!
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