So my dad has had this guitar for awhile (from my understanding, it was made sometime in the mid to late 70's). I've looked up and down the web and have had the hardest time finding good information on it. It's an Ovation Breadwinner 12-string. I also understand that this guitar is rare as ****. I can't remember who exactly, but a famous band from around that time era had it made for them (the doors maybe?).

My question to you is, how much do you think the guitar itself, and the whole package would be worth? If I were to bring this guitar to the Ovation headquarters (they're only like 3 towns away), do you think they would be able to do an accurate evaluation?
... Is the Breadwinner the solid-body electric ? If so, those things are rarer than hen's teeth.

Would Ovation be able to tell you something about it? I sure hope so. If not, it's a fake or no one there has been paying attention to their products for 30+ years. Both of those are bad.
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Ah yes the Breadwinner. The lower ended strange shaped Ovation solidbody electric.
Ovation might be able to, but I doubt it. Look for collectors of vintage guitars they're every where, and I'll bet you'll get more off someone who's looking for ovation in particular.
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