Sorry, just venting, I'm working on learning the acoustic Layla.

Nothing to see here.

Oh and any tips for that damn solo?
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Thats a nice song

Well I'm going to assume you mean the middle solo. You should slow down and play it slowly, very slowly, so it sounds PERFECT - just really slow. Then gradually spead it up. If you can't play it at 25% of the original speed, how could you play it at full speed?

Clapton's solos aren't insanely technically difficult, but they are very emotional and full of feeling. It takes time/correct practice/experience to play it well. I've known that solo for a couple of years, and it sounds better each time I play it. Good luck, and try not to get frustrated.
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The solo is pretty simple, my guess is the hardest bit would be the 16ths in the triplets might give you some trouble. Try counting the 16ths instead of the 8ths for those little licks: 1-a-2-a-3-a, or something similar.

Mostly, though, the solo is just triplet blues licks, which just require that you practice and get your fingers used to the runs.