I very much like what you have so far... both of the "solos" are pretty f'n sweet and they go extremely well with the mood of the song. good work, expand it and screw the fade out; add more of those delicious licks.
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dude, i LOVED the solos you put in there. those were awesome, very cool, unique and melodic. those are the kind of solos I wanna write. great job, man!
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Thanks...those solo's took a couple days...definitely the best I have ever come up with. I did my best to avoid any really obvious arpeggios or scale runs...I used alot of wider intervals, like fourths and fifths, but I interspersed them in smaller intervals so that it would still have a real melodic sound and flow to it. I'll probably make it a little longer too... I might add a third verse or bridge or something. Oh...and hopefully I'll learn to actually play the solos on my guitar
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I like it very much, the solos sound amazing, they'd sound even better played out. Most people haven't figured out how to make a good solo on powertab, but you have figured it out. Very good. If you would check my newest out.

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