How do I do it? I've tried what I've seen so far on various instructional sites, and I can't get a good squeal out of this damn thing. Is there some special trick I need to know? Will it not squeal unless I sacrifice a pint of virgin blood? What damnit?
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Pinch harmonics, dude. As for the explanation... That would take time, and I'm going to cop out. But you'll find loads of stuff on pinch harmonics around here, and that'll make your guitar squeal.
its all in your picking hand bro, when you go to pick a note, fret it with your pic then let the string knock against your finger imidiatly after picking it. its really hard to explain without me sitting next to you haha but i promise once you get it, you will have it like that back of your hand. i find it easier to do on the g string on the 3rd fret, real sweet squeel, high pitch. happy squeeling!
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you have to make sure you kinda... nick it with your thumb on your picking hand. which is the most important. at first, it wont be so great, but after a month or so of trying to do it consistenyl it will get much better. distortion also helps get a better sound. and its easier/harder on different guitars.
it took me a good year and a half to actually learn how to play a pinch harmonic on command. but people learn at different rates. I know fretnoise.com had an alright video on pinch harmonics.
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How do I do it? I've tried what I've seen so far on various instructional sites, and I can't get a good squeal out of this damn thing. Is there some special trick I need to know? Will it not squeal unless I sacrifice a pint of virgin blood? What damnit?

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Well, just keep practicing...it comes at different times for different people; while it took xmurderoticax a year and a half, it only took me about 6 months from the start of my playing to get it down.

You just have to work on getting your thumb set right so it hits the harmonic "hotspots" perfectly.
st do a bend on a high fret with turned up distortion... that makes my guitar scream everytime... though on my amp the distortion is more like a fuzz effect and more bluesy sort of tone
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As with other things, its takes good fingering to get a good squeal.
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I am really bad at pinch harmonics, like, on command and whatnot, but I'm getting better at it. I find myself doing it on accident from time to time...


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try the 12th fret of the g string... and just dig into the string with your pick almost sideways...
..or 12th fret of B string. Turn up the gain like said above and just keep trying and trying. You can't expect to get everything first try on guitars. Practice makes perfect is true when it comes to guitars. Some of us get it more naturally but other make up for it in different aspects. In those aread where you don't perform so well you are going to have to lean on a more of a practice effort.
first put alot of distortion
then do a harmonic on the 3rd or 4rth fret
then either bend the string or pull up the wammy bar
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Just pick the note and deliberately stop it with your thumb.
It's said that they come when you pick at the 28th fret area, but you have to move your picking hand around to get it.
Generally, you should do it on your lower strings, it sounds better and is easier to hear.
And distortion will make it sound better.
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yeah what everybody said lol, but one tip that helped me alot, keep your picking hand close to the neck pickup, as near the fretboard as possible.

i dont know but it helps me get that pinch =} and you could try using your PALM to get the pinch if you want to on the E string. i always use the palm, but its hard to get used to for the lower strings.
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ok pinch harmonics are pretty simple actually. pinch your pick between your middle finger or fisrt finger and thumb so only a little bit of the pick sticks out. then make sure you brush the string with your thmb right after your pick. there are various points on the scale for various notes on different strings. but it works best with lots of distortion and on the treble pup. also it helps if you have humbuckers
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