So, I bought a 5150 combo from my local music store for $350, with the negatives being slight wear and tear, "new" tubes (my ass), and a broken mid knob. Peavey told me to pull out the pot in order for them to figure out what the s/n is to send me a replacement. So here is the question:

After staring at it for 5 minutes like a retard, I cannot figure out a way to get into the chassis! I've replaced the tubes before, but I didn't see a way to get to the pots.

If anyone could lend me a hand, that would be great.

Off Topic:

I found this in the back of the amp when I was changing tubes. Grabbed it before I knew what it was. WTF
There are usually big black screws that go through the enclosure and into the chassis. Unscrew 'em.
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