I just got a little recording set up going, and the quality is quite nice. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on the memorable/known acoustic songs to cover. Since I don't know how to play drums, and I don't know any drummers, I'm trying to make some acoustic songs, and cover things like the shins, as they don't have any drums in their better songs.

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Hotel California is a nice song for acoustic. I'm trying to learn it myself
^-- that's a good one. i'm not sure what age group you are shooting for with your songs and i don't have any idea what your skill level is so i'm going to list songs of varying difficulty and from varying eras. have a look at these:

the beatles - blackbird
the beatles - rocky raccoon
the beatles - yellow submarine
fuel - shimmer
matchbox 20 - push
oasis - wonderwall
mason williams - classical gas
led zeppelin - tears in heaven
led zeppelin - braun yr aur stomp
coldplay - yellow
coldplay - fix you
hootie and the blowfish - let her cry
hootie and the blowfish - hold my hand
extreme - more than words
dave matthews band - ants marching
dave matthews band - too much
dave matthews band - stay (wasting time)
dave matthews band - so much to say
dave matthews band - two step
dave matthews band - crash
dave matthews band - tripping billies
dave matthews band - lie in our graves
dave matthews band - what would you say
dave matthews band - all along the watchtower (bob dylan cover)
counting crows - mr. jones
pink floyd - breathe
pink floyd - wish you were here
boston - more than a feeling
lynyrd skynyrd - sweet home alabama
lynyrd skynyrd - simple man
allman brothers band - melissa
tom petty - free fallin
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
van morrisson - brown-eyed girl
cat stevens - peace train
tonic - if you could only see
john butler trio - peaches and cream
john butler trio - ocean
john butler trio - pickapart
john butler trio - betterman
foo fighters - everlong
nickelback - photograph
staind - outside
hawthorne heights - ohio is for lovers
story of the year - until the day i die
green day - good riddance (time of your life)
pure prairie league - amie
the band - weight
steppenwolf - magic carpet ride
blues traveler - run around
blind melon - no rain
smashing pumpkins - disarm
red hot chilli peppers - under the bridge
goo goo dolls - name
goo goo dolls - slide
goo goo dolls - iris
goo goo dolls - black balloon
goo goo dolls - broadway
blue merle - stay
blue merle - burning in the sun
david gray - babylon
david gray - this year's love
john mayer - your body is a wonderland
john mayer - why georgia
james blount - you're beautiful
james taylor - fire and rain
james taylor - you've got a friend
james taylor - sweet baby james
eric clapton - layla
eric clapton - tears in heaven
eric clapton - wonderful tonight
phish - waste
phish - farmhouse
phish - dirt
alice in chains - nutshell
alice in chains - brother
alice in chains - over now
alice in chains - rooster
alice in chains - no excuses
howie day - collide
fleetwood mac - landslide
fleetwood mac - never going back again
fleetwood mac - big love
ben harper - burn one down
dave matthews - so damn lucky
dave matthews - stay or leave
dave matthews - oh!
dave matthews - gravedigger
stone temple pilots - plush
seven mary three - cumbersome
jack johnson - taylor
jack johnson - flake
jack johnson - rodeo clowns
jack johnson - banana pancakes
jack johnson - cryin' shame
jack johnson - better together

sorry, i get carried away making these lists of songs sometimes those are ALL great songs on acoustic and most of them should be pretty recognizeable.
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^-- it should at least keep him busy for a little while if nothing else
haha, i've started a new list in alphabetical order and i'm adding everybody's suggestions each time there's another thread like this.
^-- haha oops.

make that:
led zeppelin - stairway to heaven
eric clapton - tears in heaven