hi.. i have samick electric guitar..
when i play on the 1-2-3-4-5 fret with the low E string, A string and G string the guitar is buzzing what should i do?
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It is probably because your neck is not straight... i got it on my beguiner guitar only on the first fret because i moved, to another country and now the firts fret is horrible... i tried to ajust the neck but didn't work...maybe go to a shop and see what they can do...
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Couple of possibilities for this happening.
1.Maybe your frets are wearing out, you should take it to a technician at a guitar store. You might need new frets or mayeb the current ones can be smoothen out.
2.Your neck and/or bridge needs readjustment, again if you dont know much, take it to a tech!
3. You might need new strings.
^^ The buzzing sound happens basically because the strings are touching frets other than the only one its supposed to be touching.
buzzing can be caused from many different things.
1. one fret might be higher than the others.
2. maybe you got the wrong gauge of strings, and the rod in your neck has to be adjusted.
3. your action might be too low.

and i can probably think of a ton of other stuff but im too tired. hopefully i helped some.
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