Bought it from my brother. Said he paid alot for well over $1000 CDN brand new. That was maybe a couple years ago. Its a Lado Hawk Series guitar, and I cant find out information about it anything. So im assuming its a one of a kind, cant even find other pictures of it. But anyways, here are some pictures, not the best but I cant find the camera to take better ones. But here she is, just wondering if anyone would have an opinion on how much its actually worth.



Tha Hawk series are Lado's import models. They're decent guitars, but worth nowhere near the value of their handmade models made at their factory in Lindsay, ON. And it isn't a one-of-a-kind.

If you want more info, email Lado with those pictures and ask about it. They're usually pretty good at getting back to you in a reasonable time frame.
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