next year ima be in jazz band playing the bass. the 2 other bass players that were there are very good and now there gone and i have to take there place. i thought maybe i could get some tips on what to do. iv practices alot with slaping and pulling and scales. i dont know if theres anything else i could work on. maybe alittle more practice. or some practice tips would be nice. if i could get some help it would be very nice.

jazz band songs usually arent TOO technically demanding (varies). the hardest part i find is sight reading, at least for me. get better with sheet music. if you have a practice book or music, pull out any random thing and start playing. this'll help you to get better.
i dotn think jazz uses a whole lot of slapping, thats more for funk.

but yeh, in general the pentatonics work very well. and also make sure you have a strong grasp on different rhythms, shuffles, triplets, as groove is very important in jazz. aside from that, if its a school band you should be taught the theory and whatnot.
Definitely know theory, and how to sight read. Also work on technique, because in a jazz band you're probably gonna be need that (in my jazz band you're graded on it, in fact).
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originals or covers? with the covers, decent speed, like eighth notes(pretty much as fast as I need to go) sight reading, and you may need to do a solo or two. I was in Jazz band and it was phenominal, helped my theory during the early months of my playing.
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Practice walking basslines like there's no tommorow.

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Everyone here has got it all right.
My friend is our jazz band bassist and does a jaz combo.
Be able to sight read, practice walking basslines.
It's all about rythm.
Be able to get complicated rythms down easily, it's important.
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And make sure you stay in the low range. I had a jazz noobie on bass while I played guitar, and the balance sounded off. I realized he was playing in my range and it upset the balance.

But other important points are definitely sight-reading and walking basslines.
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