I've just gotten into shred a little bit and need to know the very basics on how to sweep. Not alternate picking, I've got that down, but sweeping really really fast. I know speed isn't everything, but it's nice to have every once in a while.
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the way I've always done it (it could be wrong so don't hold me to this) is

Hold your pick so that when you pick it's cutting the string at an angle and then kind of do a circle? it's kind of wierd my teacher told me that when you go down you should be curving one way and then when you come up you should curve the other and I think the best way to do that is to hold your pick at a slight angle and just follow the natural arch

and after you pick each note let off with your left hand so that the notes don't ring out

that's probably totally wrong but that's how I was taught and it seems to work alright even though I don't use it to often so if i'm wrong don't flame me to death just say so
the key is correct fingering and muting the strings after they are played so they don't ring together like a chord. most of the work is done with the fretting hand. you have to syncronize your fretting and picking hand. it takes lots of practice. make sure you start out slow and learn the fingerings correctly. www.shredaholic.com has some good instructions on shred techniques
Thank you very much, tommorow's gonna be a long day for practicing, thanks for the advice!
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insaneguitar.com has good lessons for everything...not as much variation as shredaholic.com, but it is much more in-depth with the lessons, which is why i would recommend it
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so when i sweep, after i play a note, i lift the fingers on my left hand up, ending the note, is that the right way to do it, or should i be muting it with my right palm?
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There was also a Steal This Video lesson on sweep picking i dont know if its any good though.

Sweep Picking
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^ it isnt too bad a lesson, main thing is getting the sync down with your hands once you get that it gets a lot easier to do and flows much better.