Prince, another great thread title. You really had me excited for a second.

Anyway, the music. Never heard of them before, but I like what I hear.
We five people actually wanted pornography of Jello Biafra
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Oh my bloody god. Imagine if you were a girl and you woke up to find your little brother's friend standing over you with his erect penis on your breasts...

I didn't. I saw prince posted it and knew it was something else.

Anyway, another awesome band prince!

Hasn't really held up in 30+ years.
I feel like I've heard this before, but I havent.

Circle that A, motherfucker!
The Freeze are really good.

Speaking of bands that sound like them. I'm seeing Career Suicide on Monday in Nashville, after that I can just about die.
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Warm-And-Fuzzys opinion on punk bands doesn't count.

(He listens mostly ska)

Them be fighin' words!

(I'm a fan of unique music, and I'm not too big on 'Solid' bands, who aren't bad in their own right, but just not origninal. P.S. I'm a fan of bands, not genres.)
Circle that A, motherfucker!
I'm just kidding Warm fuzzles, you know I love all of you in this forum.
Fat thin,
Green Day Fan or not.
I love you all
How could you NOT want Jello Biafra porn?
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I honestly don't see whats so dumb about my threads. I could make the most smarterest thread even and you would find something about it to pick on me for.....
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How could you NOT want Jello Biafra porn?

Well he's fat, his music is average at best, and he's ugly?
I'm seriously curious about the green glove Jello wore at Dead Kennedys shows.

Almost every video I've seen of them, he's wearing it.
"This shit here's called Death"
"What the fuck? You mean I'm gonna hit this shit and die?"
"No Nigga! I said Deaf. You hit this and you aint gonna hear shit!"
yeah i noticed that as well. probably some statement against industrial waste disposal? i dunno.

that band sounded pretty cool though, just the sort of thing i like
are there any horse socks? is anyone listening to me?
probably to give him good stroking ability.
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I don't want to give myself over to a world of Regina Spektor, Van Gogh posters, and loud conversations about how wasted they got.