ok i've read some reviews on both. enough to know that roland is better for metal and vox is better at everything else...i would like to know how much better it is? is there only a small difference? does everything else sound bad? i haven't had a chance to test out a roland yet, my local guitar shop is currently ordering some at the moment. i play both hard rock and metal equally so it is hard for me to make a decision. please help me out with your opinions. thanks.
if u want a more jangly brite sound go with the roland

if you want a more warm sound go with the vox....plus you can't get really raunchy distortion sounds on it for hard rock
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^Yes you can. Go click the thread called "BLAM! Gar! *dies* II: THE SEQUEL OF DOOMZORZ". There's a video of me getting a metal tone out of my Vox.
sorry not too good with adjectives. i don't really get what you mean by "jangly" or "warm". does anyone possibly have any clips of the two?
can the cube pull off velvet revolver, avenged sevenfold, motley crue, ,type stuff? or would the vox suit me better?
All Ive played is the VOX, but from my experience, it can get some pretty heavy distortion. My best advice to give both a try and see what suits your style.