I know noting about politics, but here goes. Its from 2 different points of view:

Scrape the Surface
Out of reach
Scratched by a fingernail.

Scars left
Bleed nothing but
The unquestionable truth
That runs through the veins
Of the liars and hangers-on
That drain the life from humanity.

Watch the jaws drop to the floor
As answers to questions and existence pour
Disbelief and tears as they freeze in awe
Time pauses, hearts stop, we?ve been here before.

Water is rising
Wind picks up,
Ship of madness sets sail.

Decisions made,
Worldwide Outrage
At a single, mortal man
With the world at his feet
United we shall fall,
If we can ever connect.

Dont be harsh lol. I do crit 4 crit
Wow I really like this especially the first stanza

"Scrape the Surface
Out of reach
Scratched by a fingernail"

This is great it's got great flow and just reads fantasticlly(sp?)


if you thought that was a good enough crit ( i'm not all that great at them ) I have some songs in my sig if you could crit them preferably the last one though.

So good job and keep it up.