I read a thread in the bass forum last time and learned that bassists do some kind of 4 finger tremelo....

Is it possible on classical guitar?? Or simply, is it possible?
When I do the 3 finger tremelo, my pinky finger moves... Surely a mechanism wihin the muscles... I mean that I can't control the pinky finger.... How can a tremelo be performed with a finger that can't even be controlled
to be honest....you can do anything you fooking want + practise :p within LIMITS ofc.
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The pinky CAN be trained for use like any other finger. It takes alot of practice. Also think about whether you really need to use it or not, before investing tons of time into training the pinky.

Also, if you're insisting on staying within classical guitar conventional technique, then you might not want to use your pinky. However, I've seen a book by a classical guitarist that preaches on the many possibilities of the pinky.