i'm going to get a new guitar soon because the fretboard on my guitar is way to big. so can anyone tell me some tips on what guitar i should get. it has to be around $200.
The only guitars I can think of at that price range are like a Peavey Raptor and Epi Les Paul Studio, but even the LP is more I think.

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You can't get anything half-way decent in that price range. Sorry man, save another $200 or so. You would just waste your money if you bought a $200 guitar, then you'd have to raise another $400 when you realize it's ****ty.

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Quote by BesideYourGrave
i like punk/emo.

In that case I would recommend an air guitar!
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I highly doubt you like real punk if you like emo, you probably listen to falloutboy thinking its punk, real punk is stuff like pennywise, NOFX, wednesday 13, Anti flag and so on, and yeah save up a lot more, for emo i'd suggest a generic guitar like a strat a les paul or something simalar, dont go all out on a metal guitar or something like that, it wont suit the weak sound that you're looking for.
^ Haha, I suggest no guitar at all because your just gonna add more ****ty music to the community.
Everyone who is flaming him should just shut the **** up. If he wants to play that music, he can. Where do you people get off trying to tell him NOT to play an instrument? Realize each and every person is a totally different set of opinions, interests and likes, chances are you're going to have opposition, but you don't need to tell him how wrong it is when there's nothing wrong at all.

Threadstarter, I'd say look into Agiles. IMO though you should just wait and save more cash so can get yourself a nicer guitar though, because not even Agile can make that great of a guitar for $200 .
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Agile AL 2000 are in your price range but I haven't played them. I had a Schecter Omen 6 $300. It was a pretty good guitar. I just ordered an Ibanez RG321MHGN for $279. It should be here tomorrow. Maybe you should try and save up 300 bucks or so before purchasing a new guitar, I think you will be glad you did.

I haven't played an Agile but have heard great things about them. Here's a link to an AL 2000 for $149 plus about 20 for shipping(EBAY Rondomusic). Most AL-2000s sell for around 200 bucks so I thought this was a pretty good deal.

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look at an epiphone g310 sg, les paul special II, or a squier standard (NOT affinity) strat.