Well, well, well, I've decided with a chunk of my settlement money I'm gonna buy more guitar gear and I'm finally settling on a custom Warmoth. I want to make this the ultimate metal guitar, and I mean ultimate. I'm going for heaviest, darkest, gainiest? guitar I can get my hands on. For the specs I've been thinking:

- String-through Warmoth Soloist body w/ dragon paintjob.
- Mahogany body, flamed maple top.
- Birds eye maple neck, rosewood fretboard.
- Gold hardware.
- Gold Bare Knuckle Nail Bomb pickups[or Painkiller, if they're out by then ]

Now, I'm a little weary on something. I'm not totally sure of the wood yet. This is the main reason I'm here, to ask if there would be any other woods to look into or even consider besides mahogany and the birds eye for a metal-orienated guitar. Thanks!

Wow .
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Consider Wenge ?


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