I (from a suggestion from my dad) named my Gibson LP "Retirement Fund".
My guitar's name is Martha, the Soul Reaper. If you like at the wood grain pattern on the back, it looks like Martha Stewart.
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Fender mustang named Lydia.
My father named her and she is sweeet!
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mine's name is renee. its my girlfriend's middle name
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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My Ibanez RG1570 is called Aurora. Cos it's blue and sparkly.
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my epi goth lp's name is constantine cause of the gothic roots.
I call mine "that piece of crap."

It's an Aria Strat copy.

I think that speaks for itself.
my SG is Cheryy (cause its cherry red, aduh), i need a new name for my Austin Strat...Tobacco Sunburst, ...what should i call it?

EDIT: i know!, Jenna...or Jenny...or Rocka Rolla.
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brad you smell like my hairy left nut

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Stone Cold Steve Austin!....because it's an Austin strat!

That was a horrible suggestion. Unless you are into wrestling...
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My Jem is named Natalie after the beautiful Natalie Portman, and my Strat is usually referred to as "her".
My name is Tom, feel free to use it.
I called my dk2 Stigma.
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and that's it.
lemme see... they both have their name on there somewhere... ok... so this funky ass heavy one is called 'Les Paul'.... this kinda pointy one with ridiculous amounts of metal is 'RG570'... i got em both used... i couldn't change the name...
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My Name is: Tony

My strat's name is Carson Jr.

My Tele's name is AeroPlane 'cause it's an Aerodyne Telecaster, and I like the song.
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its been called that sincelike a year so i like it
my Brian Moore guitar is called "Crimson Blue" i love that name
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i call mine "'ol sh1tter"
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