Hey, I was just curious, but are any of the Cort guitars any good?

I've heard alot of bad things about them, but they have a Zaza sig that looks awesome, and PRS-style bodies that I'm also interested in.

Are they at all worth it, or are they just pieces of junk?
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i have an old cort (1988) the thing bloody rocks and apart from a hairline crack near the neck joint it still rocks even with rusted hardware
Yeah from what I've seen on their website, and various others, they're pretty good.

I'm still eyeing that Zaza sig, and the X series.
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my g250 is incredible, and very well priced. it blew away the entry level fenders that i tried (which were twice the price).
i have kx-5, maple unfinished neck is its best feature i think. basswood body, dual humbucker with coil tap.

made in indonesia but a lot thicker body than a squeir. i like my guitar but yes i still need to setup it correctly, it came all messed up. Since i got it i replaced my bridge humbucker with a pearly gates and it sounds good on my vox ad15vt.
I got a Cort G200 for my 1st guitar and it was the best strat copy in the skool. That is the LOWEST end cort there.

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Yeah I really like Cort. Obviously the lower end guitars aren't going to be amazing but I have a Cort M500 (discontinued now) and it's sweet. Also you might want to have a look at the new Zenox series guitars they are meant to be nice. The Katana guitars are also really nice. I highly recommend Cort.

In fact, I wrote a review here from the Cort M500:
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I've got a Cort M500, it was my second guitar, it's unbelieavable for it's price! I mean, i'm in a band, and the other guitarrist plays on a fender that cost twice as much and he can't get my quality of sound Cort > approved
I have a 8 Year old Cort guitar. No warped neck, no cracks, and it still sounds great. Half of this is care of your guitar, but its also an issue of reliability. And when it comes to reliability, there's no issue at all
I own a Cort KX-5 (which I am modding, see my sig). It's a great guitar, just needs a pup switch if you want to play something else than metal. Nice neck, basswood body, rosewood fingerboar, string-through, tun-o-matic!

It's great for it's price, the KX1 and Kx1f models are also cool, they have set necks and mahogany bodys with flame tops.
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Cort Zenox Z-44 is great. Love it! xD I have the black version (it looks much better than the silver one)