name some bands that you would kill to see in one concert or some bands that you have seen. theres alot of good bands, but what ones would be kick ass together.
Well, if you want to go to a kick ass concert, forget pop punk and emo... GO TO A CHILDREN OF BODOM, SYSTEM OF A DOWN ETC. CONCERT
dude, if your looking for punk and emo concets with a bunch of good bands all together, look no farther than the warped tour. duh
NOFX is awesome! If they are still touring, go there
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pearl jam=best live act ever.
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I hate people who see a thread on the front page and just reply without looking at what forum it's in.
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rofl. rofl.

Umm Owen, TSOAF, Thursday, and The Fall Of Troy. Thatd be amazing. If they all played together.

I wish TSOAF would play MORE SHOWS. But no. they only play in CA. Gay.

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