our cover of For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield is online. It's basically the same arrangement as the original except that it gets a lot heavier at the end. Let me know what you think. Thanks

That is really good, it's the perfect amount of heavy that could be added to that song while still fitting in perfectly with the first half. I would have eased it back a bit toward the end however and ended it a little softer. Awesome solo!
Indeed, the first verse sounds like Jim Morrisson. *thumbs up*
This is a first on Ultimate Guitar, our lead singer was compared to Jim Morrison instead of Elvis. I agree, he does sound like Morrison at times. A few other people have said that but no one on UG until now. Thanks for the positive comments.
wow this is really good. i listened to for what it's worth and a bunch of other covers you have on there, and theyre all incredible. nearly flawless, great singing voice, too. at first i thought it would sound bad to make this song heavier, because its a pretty chill song, but you made it work. keep it up
Nice cover of Interstate Love Song as well.
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I wish I could sing like that.

I need to start taking vocal lessons.