I have just bought a epiphone lse paul special and a marhsall avt100 and i am putting the pod xt live through that. Before when i was playing through a 30 watt marshall and a rubbish guitar i got a nice good green day sound but now it sounds rubbish. Any ideas on what i can do to get a good green day sound
that tells you one thing... the secret to green day's sound isn't the 56 LP juniors, the '59 reissue Standards... the Marshall SLPX amps... its a 30 watt MG and a rubbish guitar...
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Hey stop being dicks and help the guy. I suggest tweaking, you're not gonna get too close to their tone because of aformentioned expensive amps and guitars. Just try the british models on your pod (or whatever the marshalls are called) and just play around with it.
^^^ hahaha
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