I wrote this last night, and honeslty have no idea were to take it, so if you guys can help, that would be cool, any comments are very appreciated, thanks!
New Intro.zip
sounds like the music of goldeneye on the N64

sounds pretty groovy keep up the good work
its cool. but why are you using drop-c. use c-standard. there is no reason to be using drop tuning hear.
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sounds like the music of goldeneye on the N64

sounds pretty groovy keep up the good work

LOLZZZzz!!!11! Actually that was pretty funny.

Good job though. I thought it was pretty good. 8/10.
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i play a c-1 plus, but i changed the bridge pick up to a seymour duncan invader, great sustain, and the neck is still stock, the duncan designed, but the clean tones with the neck pick up are amazing i wouldnt change it ever, what do you play? and that with wings ablazed song was amazing by the way
I play a black Omen-6 and love it, when i got it i wasn't able to spend too much money so i got the Omen because my teacher played a Damien and for the $300 dollar range It probably the best. Now that I have a little more money I was thing of getting another Schecter possible a C-1 Elite. I also thought about investing in some new pickups, possible the invaders, or dimebuckers. Thanks for the compliment about With Wings Ablaze.
i love the riff, and when the when it changes to distortion it just sounds tits

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sort of sounds like some Vampire emo song.

But...a good vampire emo song...
Wow pretty good, i liked it. Add to it and put it into a full song, iut definetly has possibilities.
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That intro is amazing. It sounds so awesome.
I timidly tried to write another riff for it, but I couldn't.
I'll take another look at this tomorrow.
I do like what you have, so keep working on this. This could be an amazing song, dude.
Spiral Out
this is sweet, I would try writing a heavier riff right after what you have and then write the lead part and octave higher and mess around with it to make it a little different, just an idea...
no i ahev this idea of a riff to go after it, i kinda want it to sound like the riff after the intro to my swee shadow, after the synth, but before the clean part, something like that, lol, i have a riff that i could change the key and it would work great, i just havent really had time yet, lol, thanks for the comments!!!

Hey, im sorry for posting back on my threads, i just get excited, lol, im not trying to bump my songs or anything, im just trying to talk to people, but i wont post as much anymore, sorry for the inconveniences. . .
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no dude thats what the threads are for lol.

hmm thats actually a cool idea for a riff, let me know when you get around to it