Today's a great day guys. A occassion that comes once a year. Your very own moderators birthday!!

A fantastic day where we should all listen to breakdowns to annoy him. Happy Birthday Dai! (PiNk ThE pUnK)

Happy Birthday Dai.

(Aww, doesn't he look cute (right))
Cheers guys! Craigo you should have put the other picture up, it's funnier. Just so everyone can laugh at me when i'm drunk here is the photo:

For the record, I don't even remember that being taken. Ah, alcohol.

Thou shalt always go for greatness
Thou shalt not commit adulthood (ALL)
Thou shalt not partake of decaf (ALL!)
Thou shalt not have no idea (ALL)
Thou shalt not allow anything to deter you in your quest for all (ALL!)
So Dai, is the other person in the picture who u took home that night : P
Pink the Punk : Trust me, don't shower or shave or anything for a week then go out on the pull with a loincloth and half a dead mammoth over your should. You won't be short of chicks that night

thats why he's the hardcore mod
QUOTE=emokid182]So Dai, is the other person in the picture who u took home that night : P

happy birthday brah
Quote by JobForACowboy
um, yes it is.

sry if you havent heard of it, death metal bands that wear girl jeans = emodeath
happy birthday sir...

that first picture scared me...for a second i thought they learned how to put mirrors on the internet, you seriously remind me of myself....its weird....

anyway, cheers! have an enjoyable one