I want a nice tube head and half stack, and i play atreyu, papa roach, killswitch, metallica, all sorts of fun stuff. I want some good cleans, but really a sick lead channel. I am a broke college student, but the carvin stuff seems nice, also on a huge sale right now. which amp setup do you think would be best? I have never seen or heard carvin equipment, so i figured i would ask before i go look in the store, so i have something in mind.



my guitar is a ESP LTD EC-1000, with EMG 81/60.
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Try to pick up a used X100B head or combo, whatever tickles your fancy. Great clean channel, awesome distortion and inexpensive. The MTS3200 is a great amp as well.
Just sold my head that was loaded with JJ E34L's for 565.00